Standard Precautions vs Universal Precautions: What Are the Differences?

Staying safe can be tough when it seems like contaminants are anywhere. One way to protect against this is to have a standard set of guidelines to use at all times. This cuts down on decision fatigue and helps us stay protected. In the coronavirus pandemic, virus transmission can happen pretty much anywhere. People can be […]

How Universal Precautions Improve Safety During COVID

In this age of COVID-19, public health has gone from a niche topic to a nightly news mainstay. All of a sudden, people everywhere have to learn about virus transmission and what measures to take to protect themselves and each other from the disease. Understandably, this can be a bit of a shock. People who have […]

What Are Universal Precautions and How Can They Help During the COVID Pandemic?

Universal precautions have been around since the 1980s, but the current COVID-19 pandemic has made them more important than ever. What are universal precautions? They’re a set of guidelines for preventing disease transmission. And they’ve led to other important sets of precautions for the modern age. Public health professionals tell us that the pandemic may […]

What Are Universal Precautions? Everything You Need to Know

When people hear the phrase “bloodborne infectious diseases,” they might think this is something only scientists who work in an infectious disease lab have to be concerned about. But protection against bloodborne pathogens is important for a wide range of professionals, from tattooists, piercers, first responders, maintenance workers, and healthcare workers. And even if you’re a bystander witnessing […]

Universal Precautions vs Standard Precautions? Which One to Use

Both universal and standard precautions protect against the spread of disease. But when people first hear about universal precautions and standard precautions, they might assume that universal precautions are more widespread or harsher. In reality, neither is the case. Standard precautions have actually taken the place of universal precautions in many scenarios, as a stronger alternative. […]